Covid-19 Booster Vaccinations

The government has announced Covid-19 booster vaccinations will be given after 5 months, rather than the 6 months previously stated. Unfortunately, we were not notified that this change was going to be made and only got to find out via news outlets. All our plans were in place for the 6-month boosters but now around 1000 patients have become instantly eligible.

Our difficulty is that vaccines are ordered 3 weeks ahead. Hence, we cannot instantly meet demand. That said, we’ll be doing what we can.

Our key message is: we will contact patients as soon as we are able to offer a vaccination here at Frithwood. If you feel you would prefer to book immediately, you can book into a national centre by phoning 119.

It would really help us if you do not phone in to try and book your booster vaccination. We will be contacting you. Please follow any updates our website and Facebook page.